Discourse Dark Theme

hi, why do the guys at meta.discourse have more options than we have? did you guys not pay your monthly fees or whats this about :smiley: no seriously i figured that they have a dark theme and to save my eyes a bit i would love to have this implemented.

@stevebaer i have seen you offered your services regarding general questions about discourse maybe you can chime in and drop a few words? whom or what does the discourse how we have it depend on?

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Ghetto Dark mode here:

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I don’t know; there’s always a chance this will show up soon in our discourse instance. The discourse developers may be prototyping it on their site.

yes, i guess that could be, @sam any words on when and if that could happen?

Sam sent me instructions on how to do this. I’ll look into it when I get a chance (which is not going to be very soon.)

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@RichardZ, we have an early dark theme prototype available now. You can select it in your user preferences

cool, thanks for letting me know. the logos might have to be transparency adjusted still with an alpha channel.



I said it was an early prototype :slight_smile: Happy Thanksgiving


I love this dark theme!

Blends in with my VS2017 very nicely:

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Hi @stevebaer.

could you please make the quoted text background color darker in the dark theme ? It is a very low contrast and would improve readability. Below is how it looks over here:



Hi @Asterisk,

Love the dark theme. I’d use it more, but there are still some styles that need color adjustment.

For example, the syntax highlighting could use a bit of work, especially for my red-green color blindness.

Notice the missing (or very difficult to see) variable name between “ON_3dPoint” and “(0.0, 0.0, 0.0);”?

I think cloning the colors used by Visual Studio’s dark theme would work for me.

Thanks for working on this.

– Dale

I see that too. @discourse, I’m just using the pre-canned dark theme. What color setting affects this background color for quoted text?

Thanks @kriss. I removed that component for the dark theme which looks to have fixed the problem.

Nice, updated Rhino logo:
The Dark Side is looking better and better.
(reading too many Grasshopper threads lately… )

I see a different logo:

you see the other one when you start scrolling down.

I see the one I pasted always, not the one @wim shows

did you do a ctrl r? i am using slomo safari and it works… dunno.
by the way the nose from the 2nd logo is cut off @stevebaer

This probably doesn’t happen on small screens, like my phone (:

no ctrl R on your phone?? just kidding of course :wink: