Disappearing Wallpaper

Is the application of wallpaper to a detail view (for perspective matching) intended to be temporary? I’m finding I must reinsert wallpaper each time I open a project.

Can you please be more specific?
Do you mean assigning a Wallpaper image in a Detail in a Layout, or assigning a Wallpaper image to a model viewport like Top?

Hi John. Yes, a detail view. (It’s in the O.P. :slight_smile: ) (In a layout.)

I can repeat that here:

I’ve added it as a bug, but V6 and V7 did the same thing, so really it’s an enhancement.


Only standard modeling viewports can have wallpaper images. This is why the viewport properties (panel) of a detail does not have the same wallpaper controls as standard views.

I assume you’re assigning a wallpaper using the scripted version of ViewportProperties? The action here should be to remove the Wallpaper option when a detail view is active.

– Dale

Please don’t. Even if that wallpaper eventually disappears and has to be repeatedly applied, it’s the only way (as far as I can tell) to lock a view with the proportions of a wallpaper image, which is very important when working with motion picture aspect ratios.

Hi @djhg,

Is there any reason why you don’t just place a Picture?

– Dale

Thanks Dale… I planned to use "perspective “match” which I guess based on what I’m hearing doesn’t work on a detail view. This explains why I had to manipulate the camera manually. So I can use “persepctivematch” in a viewport, save it as a camera view, and then restore that camera view to the detail view I want. But unless the Viewport’s proportions are exactly the aspect ratio of that camera view, won’t the perspective not match when its restored into a detail view? In which case I’m back to the initial challenge?

Placing a picture in Layout space would work if Images followed Display Ordering commands, but they don’t. The picture can be made transparent, but it always obscures what visible in the detail window. When an image is made Wallpaper, it always shows only in the background behind the objects in the detail window. For perpsective matching in the Motion Picture industry, this is what we need. So it would be best if wallpaper persisted and didn’t have to be reloaded into every detail window each time.

You can grab the picture and physically move it behind the model so it shows in the ortho details as behind-

Thanks, but I am using perspective matching.