Disappearing Surface

I opened a file I created months ago and found that there was a surface on a “solid” that is creating an X-Ray window through the solid:

If I extract the surface, it remains invisible but no longer X-rays:

If I join it back, it becomes an X-Ray panel again.

  • It happens in all drawing modes.
  • SelBadObjects shows nothing.

Is there some simple way to fix this kind of thing?

I had this happen the other day. Whenever I joined the surface to any adjoining surface it went into invisible mode, just isovcurves showed. I ended up splitting the surface and gradually rejoining each piece. I was expecting to get to the culprit, but once they were all joined it was fine.

FWIW, «Randy

This was easy to get rid of because it’s a planar surface. Cap and Split. It was a mystery why this had appeared when I had not seen it before in this “solid.”