Disappearing Submenu Tabs

Hi All,

In GH for Mac I’m finding that the black submenu tabs sometimes get ‘swallowed up’ in the area just above the ‘open file’, ‘save file’ icons at the top left of the canvas. The tip-tops show but the black submenu tabs are not accessible. I’m still not sure what causes this to happen.

I also find that MacRhino WIP sometimes decides to ‘simplify’ its menu such that Curve, Surface, Solid, Mesh, Dimension, etc. menu items at the top of the screen disappear, though typed commands still work ok.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

GH Mac V. 1.0.0004
Rhino Mac 5D143W
El Capitan



Hi @Calroy-

Thanks for reporting this.

I’m not on El Capitan, so I can’t do a “apples-to-apples” test of this with RhinoWIP 5D143w. I’m not seeing problems on macOS Sierra (10.12.2), but I might not know where to look. Perhaps it would help to see screenshots (command+shift+4) of what you are seeing.


Hi Dan,

Here’s a screen shot of the lazy Rhino menu. Still waiting for the GH tabs issue to return.



Thanks @Calroy …that screen-capture helps me understand. No, I haven’t seen this. Are you seeing it all the time or only intermittently?

This happens on my MacBook Air running Sierra os, as well. I have not yet figured out the pattern. Starts out ok, then sometimes(?) eventually(?) loses display of some of the Rhino WIP menu items, as described.

Hrmmm. These “difficult to find a pattern” are the worst. If you do see a pattern and can repeat this, please chime in over in the Rhino for Mac category. Thanks for keeping an eye opened.

Okay. I did make the Rhino top menu items disappear by opening the Grasshopper preferences and then closing preferences. Most of the Rhino top menu items then disappeared and I had to relaunch Rhino to get them back. Did this a couple times in a row. I am just starting a new Grasshopper file with nothing yet drawn or baked in Rhino.

I don’t think this is the only way to see the menu items disappear, but maybe this gives you some insight to what may be happening.

Hi @Matt3-

Thanks for chiming in again! I’m able to reproduce this thanks to your hints. I logged the bug here: RH-38421.

Can you please take a look to make sure we’re talking about the same thing?

Thanks again,

That is it exactly. Good luck fixing it.

My sense is that there are other ways to trigger the main menu items disappearing. If/when I discover other ones, I will try to let you know.

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