Disappearing Pipe Segements

In the attached file, I have lattice of pipes that is not complete.

Problem Pipe 2.3dm (3.6 MB)

There is one last segment in purple that needs to be joined.

But, when I do a boolean union, part of the pipe goes funny:

Yet, diagnostics show nothing wrong.

I was wondering what is going on here?

In this particular case I can split and join. However, I have been having a lot of problems with such pipe lattices.

worked.3dm (660.2 KB)


Explode the small pipe (because it’s treated as an extrusion) then join the 3 surfaces and then booleanunion.

This sometime happens when doing boolean with extrusions.

Thx, worked. I have a lot of these pipe lattices to do an I have been encountering similar problems. I hope this does the trick for all of them.