Disappearing picture frames

I have a problem with constantly disappearing bitmaps loaded as picture frames.
Only closing and re-opening sessions will help, but I have to do it every 5 minutes.

Hi - is this on Rhino 5?
Can you provide GPU information and possibly a file for us to test?

Sent a files to tech.
It also crashed today several times in a row within 5 minutes only.

Hi Piotr - I just looked at a couple of the images - they are 8 bit images, which should be fine, but I wonder if changing them to rgb images makes any difference at your end.


Hi Pascal

Some are permanently disappearing, some not. I’d have to try each one of them, but it’s a good hint.

I will check it tomorrow at work.



PS Would it be also responsible for crashes?

Hi Piotr - I don’t know - are you getting the crash report UI when crashing? Did you send them in? Please do, with as much detail as you can about what you were doing.