Disappearing Object boundaries in VaPlanView represenetation of windows and doors

Having a problem with plan representation of window and door objects with filled sections.
As you can see, print display previews correctly in the Rhino interface, but when it’s actually printed, the borders separating the frame and leaf objects (this is a door) aren’t printed. It obscures the separation between door and frame – the representation is misleading.

For some reason the window plan representation is similarly faulty today though it was accurate in the file I uploaded yesterday.

The current project is in VaObjectFillDrawOrderIssue in Dropbox.

Hi David,
There is a problem with hatches in the in the Hidden display mode. They are covering some contour curves. I reported that, thank you.

Thanks. I am pretty sure the display mode of that detail view in the file I sent is Wireframe. And the problem appears to be only in the print output; the interface displays correctly, even in printdisplay.

@djhg this has been fixed in VisualARQ 2.5.