Disappearing Geometry

I’ve just set up some new workstations here in the office. Doing some test set ups etc. After about 5 minutes I have curves that are just disappearing, the dimensions stay visible. This happens in model space and layout space. If choose to print from the layout page the the curves are visible, any ideas ? tia

Hello - we see this intermittently as well - we’re trying to pin it down…


yeh really concerning, we’ve just set up 3 new workstations and this worries me :confused:

any news on this @pascal ? It’s just randomly happening again today :confused::confused:

Have you updated to Release Candidate 5 this week?

no, running latest Service Release, is the Release Candidate stable, has it fixed this issue ? tia

We haven’t seen any new issues that were introduced in RC5 and, yes, we believe that that particular bug was fixed in this release.

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Cool, I’ll give it a spin, cheers :beers:

this hasn’t happened for a while, today working on some drawings geometry is disappearing all over the place ??

I’m afraid that picture doesn’t say all that much.
Text is designed to become lines at some zoom level…

Hi Wim, the screenshot is a Layout page, where the text is (bottom right) is a text box with lots of boxes, just curves, the other circled parts in the Arctic views are where large amounts of 3d geometry has simply disappeared, this was happening a while as above in this thread, its returned today. Only way to get model back is to close and re-open

this is what the page should look like

Hi Miles, Could you post your updated SystemInfo please?

Hi Wim, info attached System Info- Milezee.txt (2.2 KB)

Thanks for that, Miles.
I see that the behavior isn’t caused by you having installed a new version recently so I assume that nothing has changed on your system that you would say might have something to do with this?
Could you update to the latest RC for SR12 and see if that makes a difference?

Hi Wim, nothing much has changed in my set up I don’ think, it’s very strange as it seems to randomly happen occasionally. It seems fine at the moment so will keep my current version. thanks for looking into this :slight_smile: