Disappearing geometry....bongo document refresh scene issue?

Has anyone ever encountered this? I am using animation within nested blocks and didn’t note this issue until I did that, but this feature is still available in Bongo 2.0 so seems like it should work!

Whenever I scroll through the amination, some (only some) of the blocks are disappearing. I use the “Show” command, and they flicker on for a second them disappear again. If I go to “undo multiple” I see the option to undo “Bongo Document: Scene Refesh” and once I undo that command everything comes on as it should.

It doesn’t help though b/c next time I move another frame things disappear again…so I can’t render the animation.

I reorganized my model so there were no nested blocks, and I used the parent/child feature for motion and it fixed the issue. took some time to rework but worth it as it seems the nested blocks get a bit glitchy.

Could you please upload the file with the “nested blocks” issue, so we can have a look.
– Luc (luc@mcneel.com)