Disappearing Curves

Here I have some curves through points. At the center of the image, the cures disappear.

They become visible if I select them:

What causes is and how can I make it go away?

Hello - as always, it would be much easier to at least try to help if you posted a file with these curves and points.


I chopped the file down resulting in less of a fade out but its still there in the same place.

Fadeout.3dm (3.9 MB)

a bit of a bug if one can call it that, not harsh but you can get it under control with the command Testzbiasfactor lower values than 1 worked 0.5 for example to close the curves again. if you are having frequently issues with it, you can also load it into your start up, i am honestly not sure if its a sticky setting or if it will reset between sessions automatically.

Hi - could you please try this on the current Rhino 6 WIP? Thanks