Disappear the window of block editor

I’m in the mode of the block editor but the window to accept the changes disappear how could I find it?

Hmmm- if it is not hiding somehow behind another window… I don’t think that is possible, not here at least- the window comes to the front if Rhino has focus. Do you have any feedback at the command line? Can you run commands?


having the same issue. block editor window disappears. can’t close the block. if i save and re-open, it still doesn’t come back and i’m still in the edit block mode

rhino 6 / windows 7

Hello - can you reproduce this? Is there a command that you run inside of BlockEdit that gets it in this state?


sorry, not sure how to replicate it other than have an imminent deadline

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ok, managed to reproduce it. after opening GH, the block window does not open if i try to edit a block

Hello - thanks, so the dialog does not open but you are in BlockEdit mode, correct? The command line says 'Editing part “Block XXX” or similar?

(I don’t see this yet, here the block edit window pops in front of GH)