Disable Tooltip on Constrain



Hi All,

Is there a way to disable the tooltip while getting a point constrained to geometry with RhinoCommon?

Rhino Options > Cursor Tooltips is not enabled.

Thanks, Jess

(Dale Fugier) #2

Hi Jess,

No, this is not possible from RhinoCommon. Why do you want disable cursor tooltips? Is there a problem it is causing?

– Dale


Hi Dale,

Well a user of the tool I’m developing is running it on German Rhino and the tooltip is something like “aufPolygonnetz” or so. This is covering lot of the textured mesh the user has to trace. Since the information of the tooltip is redundant in this case it would be nice to disable it. Take it as a wish :wink:



Hi Dale I am working on a script to dynamically display the slope direction of a terrain mesh, and the tooltip is too large so it covers up (part of) the result, making it difficult to see. Are there anything that can be done to turn the tool tip off?

(Dale Fugier) #5

@Holo, no there isn’t anything you can do at the time. But the item below will help.


– Dale

(Dan Belcher) #6

RH-37464 is fixed in the latest WIP