Disable snaps through a surface


I think my title is clear and easy. How you disable snap through surface? Changing my style of view to “rendered or shaded view” for example won’t work.

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Hi David - that has been tuned up in the V6 WIP and the default behavior there is that snaps are occluded.


THank you for the heads up, Pascal. When should we expect V6?

This kind of behavior is a time saver in SketchUp, while in Rhino a simple task can become complicated. Glad to hear it’s going to be introduced with the upcoming version.


Hi David - you can, if you have a V5 license, access the V6 ‘WIP’ from the Serengeti group in this forum. But to answer your question, we do not have a release date for V6…


I’ll definitely have a look at the WIP.

Thank you Pascal.