Disable insert edge for thisRadiate Subd,

How can I disable the Radiate mode of this subd because it is still Radiate symmetric wit
The second question is that I want an insert edge for this Radiate Subd, but the object disappears!

(217.3 KB)
And great!, thanks for adding Radiate command

In 7.6 there’s a RemoveSymmetry command that will fix that part.
The InsertEdge looks like a case that we haven’t got right yet (bug) but I’ll see what’s up with that

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I’m not sure if this is what you did, but…
If you make radial symmetry with that subd and don’t align the wedge shape to a line of vertices, the symmetry somewhat works but most if not all of the edits that change topology don’t work and the subd disappears.
I removed the symmetry and made it with the wedge aligned and it seems ok.
That’s something that we can work on improving, but for now see if that helps

hi @lowell THANKS for reply
i tried this way for me to do the opposite
1- In A case,: the InserEdge wrong command results, but Inset works correctly
2-In B case- InsertEdge command works correctly, but wrongInset command results

Is it possible to fix this problem by adding a little AI(Artificial Intelligence) to this command(Radiate) ?
Test in rhino_en-us_7.6.21103.13001
[RADIAL INSERT EDGES.3dm|attachment]B)(This command works on Tspline,Blender smart )

Two things:

  1. I see the symmetry properties in the Object Description. Nice
  2. SubD with normal symmetry can only be edited on one side but this here can be edited anywhere. It would be nice if the regular symmetry also had this functionality so you don’t nee to think which side you can or cannot edit.

1000 times this! Especially since depending on the colour/material and displaymode it is not always obvious if one is working on the “right” side of symmetry

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Topology changes except delete still have to be on the primary side in Reflect. Dragging works on both sides.
Most topology changes have to be on the primary segment in Radiate symmetry too.
We’re working toward fixing that.