Disable HighlightControlPolygon in Rendered mode


I am trying to disable HighlightControlPolygon in the rendered mode. I cannot find this setting if I get the display mode:

var displayMode = DisplayModeDescription.GetDisplayMode(renderedId);

This does exist, but does nothing for me:
Rhino.ApplicationSettings.ModelAidSettings.HighlightControlPolygon = false;

I am trying to do this, because we use a CageEdit with lots of points and get very very slow when selecting +2k points. If I disable this setting everything runs very smoothly. Our users do not need to see the connected control points.

Any help is appreciated.



Hi @Jordy,

Are you looking for this parameter?

If so, then we’ll need to add something to RhinoCommon.

– Dale

Hi Dale,

Yes thats the one.

If it is not possible yet it is no problem.

I have a work around to load the settings via RhinoApp.Runscript just to change that setting. So no high priority.