Disable component output param preview on hover

I’ve got a custom component that outputs a very long string. If the user hovers over the output parameter for that string, Grasshopper becomes unresponsive as it tries to load the string into the popup preview dialog. Is there a way to disable the hover behavior for a parameter? Dialog I want to disable is circled in image below:

Create and use your own parameter overriding Param_String and override InstanceDescription property to define your own description. Remember override ComponentID property as well and the Exposure to hide it from the component ribbon if you want.

Thanks @Dani_Abalde!

If someone else runs into this problem, here is my code:

        public class Param_String_Suppressed: Param_String
            public override string InstanceDescription { 
                get {
                    return "Suppressed";

        public Param_String_Suppressed Output = new Param_String_Suppressed
            Name = "Name",
            NickName = "Nickname",
            Description = "An amazing description",
            Access = GH_ParamAccess.item,

protected override void RegisterOutputParams(GH_Component.GH_OutputParamManager pManager)