Disability to render changes

Hi. I have designed a classic locomotive wheel with an outer ring, spoke and hub in the same model. Rendering works perfectly. I then copied the wheel with “save as” and deleted all but one spoke. When I turn on rendering the spoke gets its correct color. Then I add a cylinder at each end of the spoke. When I render this only the old part becomes colored, the newcomers remain gray. The normal box at the right side of the screen does not appear and I cannot do any adjustments. What has happened and what shall I do to resolve this problem.

Hi Stein,

What Renderer are you using? If you haven’t installed any additional rendering plugins then you would be using Rhino Render. You can check in the Render drop down menu>Current renderer flyout.

Can you also post the file or send to tech@mcneel.com referencing this forum thread?

One last thing… what version of Rhino are you using?

When you say you added a cylinder at each end of the spoke, what do you mean?
The result will be different if you Booleaned the parts, grouped, them, joined the surfaces, etc.