DirectShape - Large Performance Variation Depending on Revit Model

Hi everyone,

I recently updated RhinoInside Revit and am experincing performance issues. I saw another thread on the topic ( but I believe I’m reporting a different issue related to performance.

I see that SATs are being used now to convert tricky geometry, and it looks like more geometry is being converted reliably to solids which is great. But I’m also experiencing a drop in performance, and what is strange to me is that this performance varies across Revit models.
Here’s a WeTransfer link to the test geometry I have been using

When I open a blank Revit file, I can import this geometry in about 2.7 minutes - great.

However, when I open up a live BIM 360 model that has lots of other geometry and views set up already, and attempt to import the same geometry with the same script, it takes 2 hours

I don’t know why there is a huge variation in time. When importing the model in the BIM 360 model, I do see the Revit progress bar refreshing fairly slowly generating graphics for 3D views, over and over again, it seems like it might be refreshing every time an SAT file is made?

Any help on this would be really appreciated - thank you!

Wanted to bump this one again - Any one know why importing the same geometry is 60 times slower in a large Revit model than it is in a new Revit file? I had no performance issues in late November with RhinoInside and I believe this is related to the new SAT import method.

@Michael_Howard We are working on performance improvements. Please make sure you have the latest RIR as it updates quite frequently. :pray:

Thanks @eirannejad! Scott responded in another thread that it may have to do with where the temp sat files are being saved. I’ll update soon and check to see if it’s fixed :slight_smile:

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