Directional Subdivision

Hello, is there another way to achieve a directional subdivision other than using RefineStrips from Kangaroo? I need to refine a mesh quad in one direction only. Thank you

Hi @adberg what is it that you want to do differently from RefineStrips? that does exactly refine a quad mesh in one direction only

I currently can’t use RefineStrips with ShapeDiver, hence I’m looking for an alternative method.

Aha, I see ShapeDiver won’t accept any components at all from the current version of Kangaroo, even ones like this which have been in there since Kangaroo1. I don’t really understand why they have this limitation - I’ll talk to the ShapeDiver team and try and figure out what can be done.

Thank you @DanielPiker, much appreciated.

Is there a workaround that I can use as a placeholder in the meantime? I have tried several options, but I have not found a suitable solution, especially when it comes to a complex thickened mesh wireframe.

The actual subdivision part isn’t too complex and can also be done using a combination of standard components. (16.9 KB)
This assumes the mesh directions are already consistent though (the part handled by the MeshDirection component in Kangaroo), and I can’t see any way to do that part without any access to scripting.

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The mesh directions are already aligned so this works perfectly and much simpler than I thought.

Thanks a lot @DanielPiker!

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@DanielPiker @adberg The free ShapeDiver accounts are still linked to Rhino 6, therefore uploading a definition created with Rhino 7 and the latest Kangaroo version does not work there. You could either use Rhino 6 to publish there or start a trial for a premium account and switch to the Rhino 7 servers before uploading.