Direction in -x


Im new to grasshopper and trying to make a contour with a direction that is -x ?
But every time i try the direction moves in +x
Can anyone help?


Hey, u can share screenchot and we will see…

Contours are always made across the entire object. The start point doesn’t really specify the first slicing plane, it specifies a slicing plane, and more planes will be created on either side of the start point until the entire shape has been contoured.

So a contouring direction of -\hat{x} or +\hat{x} amounts to the same thing. They are indistinguishable.

If you want to contour only a portion of a shape, you’ll have to use the Contour Ex component, which allows you full control over the amount and offset of each slice.

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Thanks I’ll try that funktion instead :+1: