Direct shape through Import 3dm file component


This put Revit into an infinite blue wheel crash.

Should this work? It’s just 30 closed breps that work fine if they are referenced from the active document.


It looks like there is a bug in ‘Import 3DM’ component, it does not scale geometry acording the File model units and the current Rhino model units.

Try connecting a brep param to the Geometry output of ‘Import 3DM’ to see the preview in Rhino or Revit, this way you can confirm if the model is the size you expected.

I experienced those lags while moving not complex but big geometry in dimensions.
My guess here is the geometry is really big due the units error.
It seems that Revit limits are around 30.000 feet from the origin.

If is not the case, could you please share a simple model that reproduce this?


You’re on it, it was a scaling problem. And sadly the model is far from the origin, I inherited the project and wasn’t able to change coordinates.

What is the procedure for getting the bug in the component fixed? Is that something I can log myself?


We will need a model to test to see if this is actually the problem, but there are always issues with model far from the origin. This is a standard problem with all NURBS modelers as more detail and precision is needed in the design development process.

While State-Plane coordinates may work for Civil Engineers that need to move dirt, the accuracy needed to cut a joist or cut a window in a wall does not exist. So many times the model can be moved to 0,0,0, but the relative insertion point can be moved far away.

Other options are to model close to 0,0,0, but reference in the Civil model at the correct coordinates.

The mathematical explanation is here: The pain with models far away from the origin

Another strategy I have used to reference Rhino 3dm files directly in collaboration is Elefront. With Elefront the person on the Rhino computer can Elefront Bake and save to a common location and the Rhino.Inside.Revit can see that change and update the Revit model with that information.

With Elefront, there are ways the Rhino model can change information that drives the Revit model remotely. I am not sure I have recorded a video on this, but I probably could.


Thanks for your replies. I use both Elefront and Human, they both have their advantages and disadvantages. I try my best to write GH scripts to use as few plugins as possible, just so things are cleaner. Having said that I don’t think that I’ve written a useful RiR GH script without relying on at least one of these plugins. The dynamic geometry pipeline and layer table in Human are my go to’s, but they can do some serious damage if not managed properly.

I’ll send my file tomorrow.