Direct Selection of grasshopper elements in Rhino Viewport

Hi All,

I’m aware this has been touched on before (most recent reference i found 2018), and wondered if there was any progress towards implementation, hence the bump.

My tuppence: (As an avowed ghopp fan) - with complex projects I find that progress over time slows because of the overhead of navigating the script to locate elements. Housekeeping of the ghopp canvas can only go so far; direct selection and auto-zoom to the corresponding element would greatly accelerate workflow.

further lyricalwax: I feel this is a part of a larger set of workflow limitations when comparing ghopp/rhino to other parametric systems (catia/solidworks etc), which alongside the ‘single’ file/script structure (solidworks/catia have a better architecture to nest files/components/parts within master files/ assemblies/products), artificially limits the capabilities of the software.