Direct paste of image from clipboard...?

Hmm, wouldn’t it be cool if we could just paste a screenshot (from the snipping tool or just Ctrl+C in a viewport) without having to save out as an image first? Too difficult to implement? Too many possibilities for errors? Maybe also an auto resize if the image is too big - like pasting a full screenshot of my dual monitor setup at 3200 x 1200 pixels… Anyway, just a thought. I do a lot of this.

The Image below is copied/pasted from the clipboard.

I believe however that there is a limit to the size as large images; do upload (feedback on the bottom of the page) But they do not show up in the post.

hmmm apparently they do…


I cannot seem to paste images from the clipboard to here… how/what are you copying before you paste?

I have a screen capture tool that can save to clipboard,
But from within Rhino is works by using

I’m on Chrome here, it might be a “modern browser” functionality…
Actually my setup seems to be working not that bad:
I have a portable copy of Chrome just for this.
If I run the shortcut on my desktop; it oppens with 3 tabs: Discouse, Gmail account, Google Drive.


OK, that’s cool, but unfortunately it’s not working in Firefox (for example with the snipping tool) :disappointed:

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