Direct embeding UI and problem with loading materials

We are trying to embed scene with our UI. It works good on shapediver site ( or via iframe, embeded on our website). However, when we try to integrate with our UI, we have problem with CORS and loading materialsthumbnail|690x46
How to solve this problem?

It seems that you are doing local testing. did you had localhost:8080 in the list of whitelisted domains for this model (or your global list)?

I add localhost (localhost:8080) to the list, however, I still have same error messagage. I already have one scene with external geometry and texture ( but in this case they are uploading from your AWS S3), it displays same error message, but that scene works ( )
Both scenes are working outside shapediver with iframe method, but only “acoustic panel works” with our UI. Ticket Number for the scene that doesn’t work outside shapediver with our UI is aa2ef47755f52ede44b50bb9ae5b7d555ba21dd2299fbb636a786c693f305478b9efcf54facc7e7d3871c36350521712649168b9fdfac4ca2d363c9b75981d07efdd63b7756fbf47b3205986690c8b61e9a9f9158cb55bbfcdb8c656d3a83d9b236922ea115d08c5bb208c784a6dce2130fa7b0e610a-9776a022bc6ed6f01009fdc71e8e7ad7
Mathieu, can you check if direct embedding for the that ticket works on your computer?

Since that direct embedding doesn’t work for us. We tried to use iframe method, but we don’t know how to update parameters. Can you send us some example?

About the CORS problem:

How to store and use external geometry is described in this article. What is maybe not explicit is that the CORS policy rule must include the URL where the model will be embedded. In your case, that means that the CORS configuration of your S3 bucket needs to include an instruction for all domains using for embedding the model. For example:


I think you know how to set that in S3 already but I did it for you just now, so now you shouldn’t have trouble loading this model on your domain.

That should solve your problem, but in case you still want to explore the iframe option, there is an example for it at the bottom of this reference page. It is not recommended unless you really have to.

Bojan, reviewing the precise CORS error message your are getting (for, I can confirm that it is safe to ignore it. The viewer has a built-in fallback material database, i.e. this specific error is not going to cause a problem.