Direct Embedding Rendering

When you direct embed a model how do you make the scene render with all the materials like in an iframe? Do you need to use js like in this example: Or is there a setting I can turn on so it displays the material I defined for it in grasshopper like it does in the iframe.

Setting up of metals can be done in Grasshopper but the gemstone material is not yet supported in the ShapeDiver plugin. You need to swap the default material for gemstones in a JavaScript application, see example below.

Grasshopper definition:
gemstone-demo.ghx (3.9 MB)

Model in the platform:

Embedded model with the gemstone material:

Material properties in the API reference

Yeah I set up my metal in grasshopper and it looks good in an iframe but doesn’t when its embedded directly is there anyway of making the two look the same?


The models should look the same without any special settings. It seems that the environment map doesn’t load in direct embedding but I couldn’t replicate the issue. Please try embedding your model in this CodePen and let me know if the ring doesn’t look as expected.