DIR not working anymore

Suddenly I can’t change the direction of surfaces anymore, is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
Update: seems to work with other shapes, just one shape keeps acting strange. When I explode the shape I can change the direction of each surface but after joining they switch again.

Dir is working as expected here… do you have a file or surface you can upload?

Thanks, here’s the shape. I’ve OffsetSrf this shape, and then want to flip direction.

dir.3dm (366.0 KB)

Solids will always have the normals pointing out. What is your ultimate goal in wanting to flip the normals? Dir is working correctly on both objects as I see it.

strange, with all other objects I get the option to “flip all”, only this single one which is made exactly as all the rest doesn’t get the option, I get the dir dialogue but not the “flip all” option, so the dir doesn’t do anything actually. I am I need to render it as a part of a soap bubble and I need thickness, cutting them in half and using shell shows the the cut in transparent rendering.

it’s a solid… normals will always point out (as brian said)

try to run the Flip command on it and you’ll get a message ‘cannot flip closed solid’

I suppose you will be using the Rhino render to render this?
You could try the following trick:

Thanks guys, I am rendering in C4D with vray.
I’ll manually flip the faces in C4D.

Is there any reason why solids can’t be hollow? Thinking about 3d printing…