Dir command, create arrows as geometry?

Hi all,

while _Dir is working, it shows the arrows as (of course) temporary objects.
I would like to have this arrows as regular geometry.

Is this possible, perhaps with a test command, or some other command?


Hi Charles - the arrows are ‘screeen space’ sized, they do not have a real 3d size, so you’d need to specify. What is the goal? If it is to mark curve direction, you can do that with Arrowhead once you know which end to click on. Does the Arrowhead result do what you need?


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Hello Pascal,

No, not exactly.
ArrowHead uses the clicked end, not the direction.
TestCurveDir is better, but this one creates the arrow at the curve end only.

ArrowHead with some options (Mark = Start End Mid No UseDirection = Yes) would be good

All the above no problem for a few curves, but with 100’s.



Could you file this as an enhancement wish?

Hi Charles, I can, of course, but I need to know more before I can make a request or suggestion that anyone can act on - Dir Arrows are screen based - how would you want this interpreted in terms of size and orientation? Or shall I make it the request for Arrowhead, further down (i.e. not geometry)

Also, in V6 there is a ShowDir anlaysis mode, but this is also not geometry of course, which was your actual request - if you need geometry, why?


For illustrating, similar to regular dimensioning.
As said, ArrowHead with some options (see above), would be perfect.


Hi Charles - if UseDirection=No then presumably each end would get an arrowhead pointing off the end of the curve like Arrowhead, correct? What does the middle arrow do?

@Charles - the likelihood of getting something like this anytime soon is pretty small. What you can do in the meantime which might help, is to testCrvDir, then SubCrv, Copy=Yes a very short stub of curve at the end, in the middle or where ever you like:



Thanks Pascal.
Good idea to make a script for.
Will do so.