Dining table

Greetings. Here is a table preparing for production. Several options for agreement with the client.


would that be assembled after delivery?

The wooden part will be delivered assembled. The stone countertop will be installed in place at a later date.

right, would be nice to see more detail of how the parts join, something you might want to show? unrendered of course :slight_smile:

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Right now, this is a render for the client. The main supporting part will be a metal plate in the base, to which the legs will be bolted or anchored. The underframe will be assembled on spikes and ties. But all this will be designed after approval with the client, not earlier. If the table goes to work, then I will definitely lay out the details that interest you. Thank you for your interest.


Your table is an attractive traditional design. From your render, I notice the base is split into 4 sections. Key to engineering, is how the 4 arches will be joined together and then to this base. Wouldn’t it be better to have the base as one solid piece of material? I would be concerned, the way it is shown that the base could crack under load from the heavy top, or if someone were to move the table and put load against one of these base corners, it might crack. BTW…Great job with a beautiful realistic render.

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Greetings. As I wrote above, there will be a steel plate at the base of the table and the rest of the elements will be bolted or anchored. The wooden part of the base is decorative only.

My greatest apologies, I missed seeing the details of your assembly. Good luck with the project.

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no need to apologize my friend. I always inspect products critically too. You have a good engineering view of things. Thank you for your interest.