_DimOrdinate: negative values?


how to get negative values for _DimOrdinate dimensions with negative x (x<0) and y (y<0)?



you can select those and add a “-” in the properties panel:

Hi Diego,

thank you, and I know. I don’t like to do this manually. :wink:



Hi Michael - I am checking on this with the drafting experts here. I am pretty sure that is not a thing you can do now in Rhino, but it may be a perfectly legitimate wish item =)


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_EvaluatePt yields negative values

As I recall, Ordinate or Datum dimension standards do not allow negative values.

Yes, this is my understand, as well.
Ordinate dimension display the absolute value along the x or y axis.

Here is AutoCAD’s ordinate dimensioning. It follows this rule, as well.

If you want the negative, you can work around this limitation by adding a “-” prefix to the dimension in the annotation style. Assign all the negative ordinate dims you want to style.

Or apply as an object override by adding a “-” before the <> in the Dimension properties of one or more selected dimensions.

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Or place your Datum point below and to the left of your part.

Hi all,

thank you for your ideas. What I don’t want is to define positives or negatives manually.

Perhaps I should go another way with a script. I will see.