DimOrdinate Bugs in Layouts

DimOrdinate is acting up in Layouts - when the referenced detail is changed - moved, scaled, or locked - the dimensions change.

The only change in the images below is whether the layout is locked. After the change in dimension value, it does not switch back.

It seems like the basepoint of the ordinate dimension (0,0 in model space) is changed to the origin point of the layout page (0,0 in paper space), but as if that point were in model space.

Any changes to scale in the detail will now reference the basepoint coordinates in Paper space, but translated to Model Space.

Rhino version:
Rhino 6 SR5 2018-5-12 (Rhino 6, 6.5.18132.5131, Git hash:master @ b8b8945d46018b7f175f54f1e384ede46df9745d)


Same here, I’m also getting this issue with regular non just ordinate dims. Locking the detail completely wrecks the dimensions. Moving a detail without the dimensions selected causes the same thing. Moving the detail with the dimensions selected breaks history but ultimately allows me to get work done.

Another workaround (not mine, but from a colleague) is to do a _HistoryPurge on the selected dimensions.

Another example for @lowell. In the attached, double click into and back out of the detail. The ordinate dims will change value.

DimOrdinate_Oddness.3dm (98.2 KB)


Thanks for the file. I’ll fix it.