The “suppress extension line” (Dimension properties) feature is a very useful addition to dimensioning production drawings in Rhino 5. It allows a clean dimension layout (when having mulitple, parallel “chain dimensions”).

Anyway, it is necessary to have a short vertical line (of a defined length) marking the start and end of a dimension line (in addition to whatever dimension arrow used). An arrow or dot won’t mark the point of aim in the required precision.

This is standard to every other CAD 2d drawing-application.

I added an image to illustrate what is meant. Can this feature be added in Rhino 6 oder even Rhino 5?


I’d like to have this too - in V5 if possible :wink:


Hi Matthias- Thanks, I’ll add this to the things to look into for V6.

These are not visible to the public yet.



I just checked the Dimension properties in Rhino 6 WIP. I couldn’t find any changes regarding this post. Is it still something you are looking into? It would be great.

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