Dimensions that show/read in two ortho views...how?

If I create a dimension in Left View I would also like to see it and read it in Front view.

Its there but ‘edge on’ so not readable or viewable.

I dont want to have to create every dimension twice over !

How is this done ?


They can’t.
This is by design. Dimensions are coplanar to the construction plane in the viewport when they were made.
Good dimensions practice dictates that dimensions should never be shown at an angle when they can not be verified. Rhino V2 worked this way.
Based on user requests and over my objections, we relaxed this convention for V3 and allow dimensions to show in the Perspective view where they are technically incorrect.

The built-in angle threshold of about 3 degrees (I think).
To see this feature in action, make a dimension you can see in the perspective view.
Rotate the view and when the dimension gets close to being flat, it will vanish.