Dimensions - make settings permanent

I’ve been having to change font and arrow size and decimal place in Document Properties, Annotations, Dimensions for each new document and Rhino5 never remembers these changes. Can I make these permanent? Thank yoooooooooooou

These settings are stored in the document (Settings), not in Preferences. Create a blank file with your modifications; save it as a template and start with that.

HTH, --Mitch

That seems illogical as I don’t have to do this for any other setting. Thanks though!

Actually everything that falls under the “document properties” section of the options is saved in the file, not the registry, and can only have its defaults changed as Mitch describes.

Actually, in MacSpeak, “Settings” are document properties and stored with the document; “Preferences” (Options) are stored mostly (entirely?) in the MacRhino plist file… (no registry on the mac).


Thank you very much for explaining that, great.