Dimensions in Rhino - not so smart

Rhino is great, Grasshopper is awesome, but sometimes… It’s not that fun.
Can this be a little bit smarter in version no. 7?

It would be very helpful if in addition to these videos, you summarized the problem you’re trying to solve in a text description.


its clearly loss of associativity when copied

Sorry @John_Brock, I was a bit disappointed by this and thus I didn’t explain what seemed pretty obvious for me.

Of course, it is about what Ivan mentioned - copying rectangle with dimensions and preserving associations between copied rectangle and copied dimensions.

I think the issue here is how you selected the rectangle.
To keep the associativity together is a bit clunky.

You need to turn on the control points for the dimensions and the rectangle first.
Then Window select the stacked control points for the rectangle and the dimensions you want to modify.
At that point you can drag things around because you have selected them and are moving them together…

There is nothing “sticking” the dimensions to the rectangle. In that respect there is no permanent association.We try to do that with History but it’s clearly imperfect.
They do not “belong” to the rectangle.

I can add a Wish List item to see if it’s possible when copying an object with associated dimensions, to some how associate the copied dimensions to the copied part.


The first rectangle works fine, I don’t need to turn any control points.
I can copy the rectangle and dimensions, and manipulate everything together with control points but this shows that dimensions are “dumbed down” and the experience of that type of manipulations is horrible.

This is exactly my wish:

Thank you.