Dimensions in feet and inches


In Grasshopper: How to force dimensions into feet + fractional inches, keeping it a live dimension object? Then I’m hopping to bake these into Rhino / Autocad.

Thanks in advance!

In Rhino right click on the units, then Unit Settings.

Thanks for your prompt response but that’s not at all what I am trying to achieve here :slight_smile:
I am trying to do this in the Grasshopper environment forcing the dimension objects format

Not sure what you are asking, sounds like you would like to know if you can access the dimension style properties in grasshopper?

Hi @sophie,
It looks like Elefront has components to allow you to assign dimension styles to annotations.

The grasshopper preview - in green in the picture - is in document units (here mm) but when you bake the dim, it uses the required annotation style.

Sounds promising… thanks for the tip