Dimensions fly off page in paper space

Activating and deactivating a detail view sometimes causes dimensions in paper space to fly off the page. This is an issue I have experienced for a long time but only reporting here now. Examples A-B walk you through it. I am uploading my file to rhino3d/upload

Hi @brady1,

From what I recall, this happened when creating dimensions in a layout and snapping to block instance geometry in a detail. Does this sound familiar?

The issue was resolved in Rhino 7 SR14.


But, because we didn’t record enough information during dimension point acquisitor, we could not fix the behavior of existing dimensions. However, new dimensions, created in the manner described above, should be have as expected.

Does this help?

– Dale

Yes very familiar, blocks seem to be the root cause. Not sure if I follow what the team is saying in that link you posted. Dimensions created in what manner?

Prior to Rhino 7 SR14, if you created dimensions in a layout, and when picking points you snapped to block reference geometry in a detail, this could happen.

The solution is to re-create the dimension, unfortunately.

You should also be using a service release of Rhino that is greater than or equal to SR14.

– Dale

I understand. Yes I am using SR18 and still the issue persists.

Hi Brady,
I made a video to explain when you will keep seeing this issue with dimensions that you create in Rhino sr13 and earlier.

The dimensions that were created in Sr13 and earlier did not store the model space coordinates correctly when dimensioned on a layout and you picked on geometry that was in block in the detail. New layout dimensions that you create to block geometry in a Detail are now fixed and will work correctly.

However, when you open older models with dimension created with Rhino 7 sr13 or earlier, you may still see this issue as Rhino tries to update them like when you click in and out of the Detail.

There are really two options:

  • Purge history from those objects
  • Delete and recreate them.

The fix is to recreate dimension in the current Rhino (sr15 or later) that will store both point correctly.
The only way to fix existing dimension that have this issue is to remove History.

Mary Ann Fugier

Hi Mary,

Yes I remember you going over this with me a while ago. I am having the issue with current files that originated with SR17 at the earliest. In fact all the dimensions in the file in question were created under SR18

Hi Brady,
Then we are back to being able to duplicate that rogue dimension here.
So please make a video that will show us how you are making these rogue dimension.
As you can see in my video, the dimensions that I create work.

So we need 1) a super simple file and 2) super clear “step by step” that we can see it here and 3) a screen capture video of you showing us what you are doing to create a rogue dimension.

This is our only way to fix this.
There may be more issues with the point picker, but we need to duplicate it here.

Being at the scene of the car crash is not enough! We need to all the details of how you got there and to duplicate it here.

Thanks again.
Mary Ann Fugier

I attached screen shots and included a description of the steps to recreate at the beginning of this thread (the screenshot with the blue background is the detail activated). The file I already uploaded through the rhino3d/upload

We have your file. That is how I made the video.
All I see is an existing dimension jump off the page.

We need a video of you making a new dimension that will jump off the page.
Did you send that?

We need a video here, because you are doing something that we are not doing when you create the dimension.

If you attached it, attach it again, because we do not see it.

Mary Ann Fugier

Oh sorry, I thought you were referring to an old video you made. This is a brand new one! I guess I don’t understand what you mean by new dimension? All the dimensions in that file were made like 2 days ago using SR18 (or maybe it was 17?)


I just made this today.

I can remake some dimensions but there is no way to tell if the problem will occur, it would be like trying to catch a fox…there is no rhyme or reason as to which dimensions decide to fly off the page and which stay put.

Yah, I get it.
But but keep an eye on it, hope something will standout some day.

If it happens, Undo, select the misbehaving ones, and HistoryPurge.
At least they will stay put.

And we can hope that maybe someone else on the Forum will post with how to create one of these bad dimensions.


Here is a video I made of the issue occurring again but with different dimensions this time…still no video of the dimensions initially being created unfortunately Vimeo

Is there a more recent thread flagging this issue / any known fix? I’m running Version 7 SR34, and I still experience this issue whenever I open and close any detail to which there are dimensions to any block instance shown in said detail. Simple enough to undo by pressing undo (undoing replacedetail) as long as I notice it happen, but can be a source of huge frustration if I go on to do any further work before realizing the dimensions to that detail are now all messed up…

I believe the workaround was to turn your dimension history off

Thanks much; here’s hoping this is fixed in a subsequent release- 'cause dimension history and linked blocks ar both major time-savers for complex drawing packages that have a… shall we say “involved” approval process…

Thanks again for the quick response and useful advice.

No problem! I spent a lot of time scratching my head over this one.