Dimensions features

Hi @lowell,

First I am really happy about the new associative dimensions you are currently working on.

I would have one feature request. When a dimension is not able to keep its relation to the object it is dimensioning, we currently get the generic warning “The … command broke history on x objects”. Would it be possible to add an option, that dimensions that cannot keep their history intact will get deleted. A warning should tell us about the cause of the deletion for each dimension, provide a clickable list that lets us inspect the dimension to be deleted in the viewport, delete it or discard. Please see the attached screenshot of one of the big A CAD programs.

The reason for preferring deletion over losing history is, that no dimension is better than a wrong dimension on a drawing. A wrong dimension in architecture can get us in real legal trouble, no dimension just causes some questions during execution.

Thanks for looking into this.

Hi Silvan - Thanks for the thoughtful explanation. I agree that it’s a good thing to do.
I’m not sure yet how much work it will be to get the information collected to do it right until I look at it more carefully, and I will do that. I can do that pretty soon and when something useful actually gets done will depend on what shows up.
For now, I’ll make a wish list item to keep track.