Dimensions are doing wierd things in Rhino 6... why?

Hi Wim, I uploaded the file in this related thread: Rhino PDF not working! Help!

Hi Dpardoe,
I don’t think this “zero” dimension issue has been addressed.
However, it may be already handled and I missed it.
If it is still an problem, please email mary@mcneel.com a file that will show me this issue.

Thanks for your help.
Mary Ann FUgier

I exported everything to a new Rhino 6 default file and things were back to normal.


Hi ! I hope you’re successful working this out !

I solved the problem by dropping back to RH-5 for the time being. Where I need more sophisticated Shop and Production drawings than RHINO can provide, I dusted off a back-license of BricsCAD - an AutoCAD “workalike” that is SO MUCH like the real thing that I was BLOWN AWAY when I first got it, and at under 10% of the price of the real thing, I’ve found it to be HUGELY powerful (!) and DEAD SMOOTH. Associated dimensions work in Paper-Space layouts EXACTLY as you’d expect, and the reliability is just STUNNING ! While their implementation of 3D is EQUALLY impressive, I haven’t found ANYTHING that matches RHINO 3D in general functionality and BEAUTY , so I do my 3D there and my 2D in BricsCAD !

Their (BricsCAD’s) implementation of Paper-Space and Model Space is - up to this point - indistinguishable from the original (ACAD), and I’ve found this combination to be HUGELY powerful, breaking - for ME - the bonds of being tied to some mystery-macro ahead of the next “Commercial-beta” release of RH-6.

Check it out. There are other options on the market worth considering too, so I think you’ll find an EFFECTIVE solution, wherever you look. If you have no experience with AutoCAD, stick with RH-5 Drawings, they’ve done an admirable job in RH-5. Not having to produce and DELIVER shop-drawings in a genuine design environment with time, deadlines and budget constraints, RH’s team really can’t be faulted for a speed-bump or 2 as they make their way through this portion of their development process.

Not knowing first-hand what changes to make and how to prioritize Corrections, “Improvements” and New Features in an incremental/full-release operating environment has proven to be a real challenge for them, but they REALLY DO excellent work, and I fully expect good results soon ! Keep the faith, bud !

Ok, ALL the VERY best to you going forward, and post back with results ?

Thanks !

Chuck in Texas.

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Hi Peter!
I’ve had this one on my list and finally found that previous discussion - seems like we have crossed swords over this before :smile:

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Piping in, my alternate units should be scaling 6X and are not. This annotation style was originally created in R5. The weird multiplier is for a scale model reference. Tried changing alternate to Inches - Decimal but did not work. Also tried making a fresh annotation style but no dice.


Annotation settings below:

Hi Elijah,

That problem was reported above and the fix will go out in SR 6.9.

Thanks very much Alain

Guys, I’m having some trouble when opening a Rhino 4 or 5 archive in Rhino 6!
I’ve created a Layout, to Technical Drawings, in Rhino 4 and used it in Rhino 5, without any major problems, but when I open this Layout in Rhino 6, this (image below) happens… Any idea on how to solve this?

Hello - see if the settings here make a difference-


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Hello Pascal, thanks for the answer!

Yes, it made! The document I was having problems with is working now, with the Enable layout space scaling unselected.

There are some other documents that I was having some issues, I will try with them too


my dims are moving when I print to PDF, but oddly not when I print to the printer.

is there a known fix for this? Or am I being silly?


Hi - please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and post the result here. Also, please upload a simple sample 3dm file that shows the problem.

Hi @gileshg, what happens if you copy your whole drawing into a new empty file which is based on a default template included with the Rhino 6 install ? Does it still move the dims when you print to PDF ?


Hi @clement

I discovered that if I use print to Microsoft PDF then the results are good. That fixes the moving dims.

I was using an A3 layout from Rhino 6.

I still sometimes get odd faceted surface representation in shaded technical view sometimes.


Hi @gileshg, can you post an example file ?

This sounds to be a display related problem. If you run _SystemInfo, please post the results here.


Hi @clement

I can’t post system settings now. I don’t have rhino open. But this is a snap of the pdf.


Hi Giles - I’m afraid that this will be the minimum information that we need from you: