Dimensioning, Suppress extension line

Dear all,

the “suppress extension line” (Dimension properties) feature is a very useful addition to dimensioning production drawings. It allows a clean dimension layout (when having mulitple, parallel “chain dimensions”).

Anyway, it would be useful to have a tick (of a defined length) marking the start and end of the dimension line(in addition to the dimension arrow). An arrow or dot won’t mark the point of aim in the required precision.

I added an image to show what is meant. “Suppress dimension line” is ticked in the dimension properties. The yellow part shows what is required.

Could this be introduced in Rhino 6? Thanks…

This Topic was already brought up in several other posts…



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Hi Mattias- thanks, added to the heap-


Did I describe the request correctly?


thanks and yes, you described it correctly. I added 3 more Images to illustrate the issue:

What is offered: Standard dimensions, Extension lines are crossing through the drawing:

What is offered: Dimensions with suppress Extension line ticked, hard to find the relation between dimension and drawing:

What is required: Dimension arrow including small ticks (perpendicular to dimension line)

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Is there any progress on this Topic? I could not find anything in Rhino WIP nor in the myjetbrains tasklist.

I’d like to lend weight on this Topic as it’s crucial in daily usage. As mentionned, the Topic was brought up in several posts.

It would also be useful to be able to define the length of the “tick” that is described in the precious posts.

Besides, thanks for your excellent work!


Yes, they are crucial for me too. I have spent some time in the settings for a way to get this sort of small extension line, until I realised it’s impossible.

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