Dimensional Issues

What does a blue box or blue text signify when changing text settings?
I’m having strange issues with some features being locked and when exporting to Autocad, text being flipped.

The blue box is to let you know that the value has been changed from the value in the associated annotation style.

I am not able to change the Annotation style… it appears to be locked.
Any ideas why it is locked and how to unlock it?

Can you please post a screenshot of the problem you’re trying to describe?
I can’t figure out what you’re doing or what the problem is.

I figured out the flipping of the text when exporting to autocad.
The issue was the text had been mirrored at some point and due to the “orient toward reader” it looked correct until it was exported.

I cannot change anything for this style currently and i cannot figure out why it is “locked”

Can you please post a simple 3dm file that has this problem so we can have a look?
Is this a file you created in Rhino or was it imported?

IHB HARBOR EAST- BAKERY 01-03-2019.3dm (2.6 MB)

Hi @mvidro - I opened your file and got a notice that a few linked blocks were missing. It seems you have external references in the file. Furthermore, I don’t have the Annotation Style that is locked. I’m assuming it belongs to one of the linked blocks and that’s why you’re not able to edit it. You can only edit linked blocks by editing them in there own Rhino session.

I’m not being blocked to change the Annotation style settings like you described.

The combination of the last two responses is strange. How can John edit it but not you if it is a block issue.(I erased the blocks but didn’t purge before I shared the file). Here is a purged version.IHB HARBOR EAST- BAKERY 01-03-2019.3dm (2.0 MB)

What interface are you in? it looks slightly different from the one I am using.
I access mine from dimensions/annotation styles.

The purge seemed to solve the issue… thanks all

That’s V6 Windows with the Font and Text panels expanded.

I am able to edit the style John was able to edit (1.5" TEXT - IN) as well. I don’t have the style you mention was locked (1" TEXT - IN/FT).