Dimension Text Location

Is there any way to change the location of the dimension text location on the dimension line?

I have a lot of dimensions from the centerline. The text for elements far from the centerline is a long way from the item being measured, making the dimensions hard to understand.

There are several ways.
Do you have a simple sample file that illustrates the problem?
Perhaps indicate where you would like to text to be.

Problem Dimension.3dm (3.6 MB)

Here is example. I probably should have left more of the measurements in to show the confusion.

In a case like that, It’s probably best to drop in the dimension, then select it to see it’s control points. Click on the one in the text, and drag the text to where ever you want it. It’s still part of the dimension, but instead of an automatic position for it, you can drag it around where it best suits your needs.


That’s what I needed.