Dimension text glitch in Render View

Anyone else getting this? Is there a fix?

Can you share a simple model that displays this bug? I can’t repeat it with the simple attempts I’m making on my computer.

Hey there Steve, see attached model.

035a_ClearWater_SiteModel.3dm (2.4 MB)

Thanks for sending along the file. I am seeing this on my machine in 5A794w. Logged in MR-1923.

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I’m seeing similar flakyness in a somewhat different way. I’m getting (occasionally and very difficult to reproduce) the bounding rect of each number grayed out.

I have noticed it in solid view on geometry heavy projects, and most recently when I had one project open with dimensions, started a new file and set up a picture frame to take some dimensions off that. I’d gone into the new file’s settings to change the text size and when I went back to the originally opened file, the grayed bounding boxes appeared on all the numbers for the dimensions in the view (top ortho).

Saving the file and reopening it cleared the condition. I’d send the project file, but it’s immense (100+ MB).