Dimension Text Block just how to move it in front view when created Top view?


Text Block created in Top View simply doesnt have anything to latch onto in FRONT view so as to move it up or down ?

Zoom selected doesnt find it.

How can I move it ?


Gumball should work. …

Ah, V4… Select it in Perspective view and use Move>Vertical…? Nudge keys (PageUp/PageDown)?


I need it snapped to a different part of my drawing, in TOP view it looks in place along with my aerofoil, go to perspective and its far away, so select it, turn on control points, see one point, select it and use move and snap to my aerofoil, and it hasnt moved. Just no way of getting it to move and actually snap to another part of my 3D world.

Nudging it when its a meter away or more will take yrs.
One needs to be able to accurately place it alongside e.g. a line as I was trying to do. for it to be ij the same plane.

Dimensions are the same, select them and in another view go zoom selected and you cant see them at all. Drives me, and I bet others,nuts.