Dimension string not adding up correctly

My overall dimensions round differently than the sum of the individual dimensions. See attached image. I double checked to make sure I did not property overrides precision settings. All three dimensions are set to 1/8 precision. Help!

Hi Peter - I’ll check this, thanks.
I’d think it was due to rounding separately but that is too large a discrepancy - can you send me that geometry?



If you use the measure tool to check the dimensions, they’re probably all within the 1/8" precision. If the dimensions are exactly as long as they round to, they should add up. Unless you have a different precision set to the overall…

ERROR-TO-FORUM.3dm (451.3 KB)
Thanks Pascal. Attached.

Hi Peter - the decimal distances are

16.5647 - rounds up to 1’- 4 5/8"
8.4653 - rounds up to 8 1/2"

= 25.03 added together. rounds down to 2’ -1"


1’-4 5/8" = 16.625
8 1/2" = 8.5

Together = 25.125 = 2’-1 1/8"

So it’s not showing the final 1/8"…

I’m guessing this has to do with the fact that the original model may have been built by someone operating in metric so when opened in imperial, the sizes are screwy.

Why on earth would it show something that isn’t there? It’s 25.030 - not 25.125.

The size of an object doesn’t change just because you use a different ruler…
As for this having been drawn using metric number - unlikely (based only on those numbers):

The only thing that is screwy is the use of fractional inches…

Whooooa someone has their grumpy pants on! Lol Chill out man

Hi Peter - the point is that the larger overall dimension does not look at the smaller already rounded ones and then add them together, it measures directly, then rounds.


Thank you