Dimension snap issue in 6 - fixed

Hi, I cannot make a dimension. Attached is a pic showing a boat mast area. The dim next to the mast, oriented vertically, was brought in from Rhino 5. It is a dim I exploded. I went to delete and replace with a dimension in 6 and it won’t work. All Osnaps are on and not even the near will pick up the piece. It will pick up the geometry to the right of the mast, however, picking nears and end points just fine.

Also while we are at it, how would I export my newest tweaks to the dimension settings so that I can import into other files that I am updating to 6.

Thanks for help

Hello - can you snap to the same geometry in say the Line command? If not, check Options > Modeling aids > Snap to occluded and see if changing that setting helps.


That did it, thanks Pascal.