Dimension properties


I’m having a dumb moment and I can’t seem to find the dimension properties. I 'm trying to set the type size the alt text and all that stuff but I can’s seem to find the menu.

Mac Rhino 5.3.1

(John Brock) #2

File > Settings > Dimensions > Sizes tab


Thanks but where’s the place to set alternate dimensions and thing like that?

(John Brock) #4

On the Format tab?
Sniff around a little bit…


Hit the + under the left column to add more dimension styles.



Also under the Objects menu you can select the type of style you created and edit the text or number.


@dan or anybody at McNeel: the caption above the column should read “Dimension Styles” to correspond with the field name in the Options panel.




I found what I was looking for under Dimension>Dimension styles. I’m not sure why I couldn’t find it before.

(Dan Belcher) #9

Sorry, I’m a little dense on this one. Are you saying you want File > Settings > Dimensions > Dimensions (the little label?) to read “Dimension Styles.”

That makes sense to me, I just want to be certain.


Seems logical.


Correct. I seem to remember that it used to be like that in an older version, but I cannot be sure.


(Dan Belcher) #12

Got it (MR-3054). Thanks.


(Dan Belcher) #13

This should read better in the latest RhinoWIP (5E41w). Please take a look. (I’m not sure if it’s fully translated yet, but it will be.)


(I am using the MacOS language setting, which should be Dutch, but everything Rhino is English. I never understood that. Maybe no Dutch Rhino translation is available. Whatever, I prefer English anyway).