Dimension Properties UI

It is reasonable to request that the default width of the dimension properties panel could be made skinnier, so you can scan/read the properties without scrolling from side to side as you read down the list?

The EditStyle button takes you to the commandline options instead of directly to the properties page.

Is there a setting somewhere, like display precision in ‘units’ where we can adjust the digits after the decimal point in the display of the panel shown?

If you drag-contract the width of the dim properties panel, the scroll bar doesn’t adjust to the new boundary and the edge of the panel becomes cropped (this example is left-docked)

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The Text properties could be skinnied up as well as the Dim properties, or a scroll bar anyway as the text options are cropped (unless it’s just happening here?)


Thanks for the pictures. There are some current bug reports about this. I’ll add your descriptions.

RH-39060 is fixed in the latest WIP