Dimension Positioning

Is there any way to get dimensions to appear below their line?

Important: I’m on Rhino for Windows so this might not help, I have no idea how Mac/Windows versions differ. But I’ll take a chance as you’re probably hoping for a quick solution in order to finish your work. I had to figure this out myself a couple weeks ago.

dim help - 1

No matter where the text is located (prior to the first instance of it being moved), it’s grip is located in the center of the dimension, circled in red:

You’ll need to select the “linear dimension text grip” from the selection menu:

Then you can move it wherever:

dim help - 4

I draw a “pline” and then do a “BlendCrv” to get a “Revit” style leader. It’s a slow method but at least I get the look I want. I wish it was automatic.

dim help - 5

It’s a bit cumbersome to move the dimensions around. It’s one of the drawbacks but I gain back the lost time thanks to the program’s other strengths. And to be honest, once you get used to it, it’s not that much slower.

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Hi John -

We have an open feature request for that - RH-53011.