Dimension on layout view issues

Hi Rhino forum,

I am running into an issue when I am doing annotation on rhino layout view.
I have drawn a site plan and tried to print site plan in different scale and zoomed into different portions and print.
I did all my dimensions on rhino layout view for the overall site plan. I want to only dimension the plan once and print in different scale in different layouts. For the original layouts, the dimension will change accordingly with the plan when I zoom in and out in the site plan in detail view. But when I copied the layout and zoomed in and out the detail view, all the dimension lost history and will not follow the updates.

I turned on the record history and when I change the detail view in the copied and still not working. It says I broke the hisotry.

Is there a way to allow me to only dimension once on the plan and print in different scales?
I have a dummy way which is saved the all the different scale detail views in the named view and there are only one layout. every time I have to click into it and change to each saved view.

Is there a more elegant way of doing what I want to achieve?

Thanks a lot,