Dimension location from where I first clicked...how?

This has annoyed me for yonks !
I normally draw a line where I want the dimension to go (run along), then use that line to place my start point, I then enter a distance and hit enter then click line to set the direction then click line again to set the location. I then delete the line.

That way I dont get asymetrical extensions at arrow tip.

Is it possible to make the dimension location to be where the first click of the command goes ? Thus saving me drawing a line ?


I don’t understand this yet… The first point of your dimension should be where you click… are you looking for the ‘From’ osnap? or AlongLine? Got an example?



Jing video attached…um…no…it says file type disallowed.
How do i attach a jing then ?

First dimension I try to find the spot I clicked to get a perfect no bitty arrow end.
second dimension I draw a line to assist, now the arrow end is exactly where I first started the command. I get a T end.
I am after neat arrow ends,
I even try the options Vertical and horizontal but dimension vanishes.

I would like it that you choose dimension…

  1. click for where you want the arrow tip
  2. type dimension length ( this for known dimensions I need to draw) and hit neter then click to set direction
  3. hit a keyboard key to set the location where I first clicked in 1.

as it is one can go up and down withiout knowing where that click was, and end up with a bitty end to the arrow, By bitty I mean the extension lines can be different lengths etc. I am after a neat end. I want an end where snapping to it snaps to the arrow tip, not something a fraction of an mm away, when it finds the extension line end. I want to have things snap to the arrow end, so I need my arrow tip with no extension line either side of it.


I didn’t reply to the original post as I didn’t understand at all what this is about. I still don’t.

See this thread:

Also, for me who doesn’t have English as a native language, I notice that a bit more attention to capitalization, punctuation, and spelling often helps me deciphering posts…